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functional and aesthetic spaces for businesses

At Studio MMOONN, we understand the importance of functional and aesthetic spaces for businesses.

Our mission? To provide personalised services that perfectly cater to the unique needs of our valued B2B clients.

From conception to execution, we unleash our creativity to create spaces that you and your clients want to return to, and also drive the success of your company.



Space Planning:

Maximise productivity with efficient layouts and workflow optimisation. ​​


Branding and Identity:

Reflect your brand values through a perfectly aligned design concept. ​


Concept Development:

Unique themes and stunning interiors capturing your vision.


Material and Finishes Selection:

Expert guidance for suitable and aesthetic choices.


Furniture and Fixtures:

Ergonomic design enhancing comfort and well-being.


Lighting Design:

Optimal balance between energy efficiency and ambiance.

Project Management:

Smooth execution from start to finish, on time and within budget.


Sustainable Design:

Eco-friendly solutions for a reduced environmental footprint.


Compliance and Regulations: Safe and accessible spaces meeting all legal requirements.


We work with a whole range of B2B clients. Here are some benefits off working with us: 

  • As an architect, partnering with Studio MMOONN offers improved user experience, streamlined construction efficiency and cost reduction, competitive differentiation through unique designs, and an expanded service portfolio with comprehensive interior and exterior solutions.


  • As a real estate agency, working with us enhances property presentation, showcases key features, improves perceived value, increases customer satisfaction, and differentiates you from the competition. 

  • As a relocation services agency, you can work with us to create a seamless settling-in experience for your clients when moving to a new city. With our expertise in crafting personalised, functional, and visually captivating spaces, we help make your client feel right at home, helping them adapt effortlessly to their new surroundings.

  • In general, we transform your space into an environment where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly blend, making both your employees and clients feel at ease. 

The collaboration with you is very positive and marked by optimism.


You can ignite enthusiasm in your clients and effectively convey your atmospheric visions, both through your highly personalised presentation of graphic collages and in conversation.

You take client wishes seriously and see yourselves as creative service providers, not as artists trying to impose your will.

You work in a very collaborative manner, finding a solution for every problem. I look forward to working with you again on the next hotel project.

Philipp Stigler

Metzger & Co

Very nice, friendly and considerate contact, professional work, high level of competence, great customer support.

Reliable customer guidance in terms of budget and ideas. You are met right where you find yourself in the project and they guide and support you further.

Not quite cheap. I was not aware of the price-quality ratio beforehand.

Now I know how it works and would do it again at any time.



Andrea and Victoria

are extremely talented at custom-designing living spaces.


They have the know-how, are well-connected to builders (which is absolutely critical in Berlin), and are an absolute pleasure to work with.


We love their work and will certainly hire them for all our future projects.

Mark Fairbourn


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