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Hurray! MAVO LAB is officially open!

Three years have passed since we were commissioned to design this new Hotel on the famous Ku’damm avenue in Berlin.

When we asked ourselves what we wanted to transmit to the guests through the design, our first thought was surprise. First, as they walk through the hallway and then when they come into the room. It was important for us to spark curiosity and the desire to play and discover. At the same time, the guests should have the feeling: here I can rest and relax.

In the case of the Ku’damm Hotel, MAVO Lab, the 23 studio apartments had to be fresh and lively, and at the same time, easy to maintain and durable to meet the requirements of a modern aparthotel.

It quickly became clear that classic ideas of cosiness wouldn’t get us very far. Wooden floors, carpets, blankets and sheepskin create a sense of cosiness at home, but here were not suitable because of the increased demands on hygiene and care.

So the question was: how do you create the feeling of cosiness and relaxation with materials which aren't normally associated with cosiness. Our answer: Colour.

We both come from countries that work a lot with colour. -Victoria is from Spain, and Andrea is from Mexico- We wanted to bring something of our homeland into the project - a bit of a contrast to the grey Berlin winters.

In the beginning, we proposed three concepts: two neutral ones and a third with a lot of colour. The coloured concept was our favourite, but we thought the clients would opt for something more neutral. We were extremely pleased when they decided to go after our colourful proposal.

With coordinated colours and repeating shapes, we were able to create a lively comfort in the temporary home. Harmonious colour islands in the various living areas of the kitchen, bathroom, bed and dining corner ensure a pleasantly relaxed ambience even in the smallest flat.

The bathroom is separated from the rest of the flat by glass and curtains. From the outside, only the curtain is visible. We designed the washbasins ourselves and the contrast between the frame and countertop breaks the monochromatic sense of the bathroom. The effect: an enclosed space within the room with simultaneous brightness, warmth and the feeling of spaciousness.

Lots of appointments and on-site visits, countless hours spent discussing where to put what and which exact colour tone comes on each wall… and we are incredibly happy with the results.

Take a look and tell us what you think!

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German Molina
German Molina
Feb 16, 2023

Genial! Felicidades por este éxito!

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